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We appreciate your feed back!  Here are some of the notes we have received:

Hi Beth,
Just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed having Vivian's 9th birthday party there on Friday. It was refreshing to have a change of venue from the typical party scene!

We decided to have our twins' 3rd birthday party at Green Acres Farm in Cary this year.  The farm provides lots of activities that were really geared towards entertaining lots of kids of varying ages (which is exactly what we needed).  We did get all of our party-goers rounded up for a big hayride together and that was definitely one of the highlights.  Having the trailer full of our friends and family for one trip around the farm together was priceless.  We had a wonderful area that was covered for our guests to meet in and for the cake and singing.  Also there were so many things for all the kids to play on and get into that there was never a dull moment.  I really appreciated having such a festive location for our party.  We definitely will recommend Green Acres to our friends for their parties.  All of our guests have complimented us on our choice of venue and we can't wait to come back next year!  Thanks again!
Harmony Laughlin
Mrs. Ferrell,

We were so concerned when it rained the day of our son's birthday party at Green Acres, but you were right when you said everyone would still have a great time.  Once the rain passed, the children thoroughly enjoyed the play area!  We even enjoyed a hay ride in the rain since your wagon had a cover.   Some of my guests said it was the best birthday party they had ever attended and would definitely come back themselves. 

Thanks again for everything!  Our son had a great birthday!
Grace R.
Green Acres Farm, THANK YOU for the best field trip ever!  We normally attend another location, but it was nothing compared to your facility.  Your staff was helpful, the farm was clean, and the activities were organized.  The students, teachers, and parents all enjoyed our experience there!  We will definitely see you again next year! 

Robin, Kindergarten teacher
Ms. Beth,
We had our daughter's Birthday Party today and wanted to say Thank you. The farm was amazing and so was your staff. The pony ride was awesome. The activities were endless. Too much to fit into one day. The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously and the parents could not be happier. More fun than expected. Wish you continued success.
Thanks again,
Caroline M.
My husband and I came to your corn maze yesterday and loved it. We were the first ones in and the first ones out! It took us 58 minutes and a few wrong turns. It was actually great exercise. You have a nice set up, it was clean well organized and I wish you the best.
Wade & Ruby Rosbach
Thank you so much for having the cornmaze!  My twin nephews had their eigth birthday party there last month.  All the children kept telling us it was the BEST birthday party ever.  We are always looking for fun things to do for their birthday since they have to share it and Green Acres definetly tops the charts with being the best.  They loved the mechanical bull and the hay bails ( finally they were allowed to climb on stuff)!  I asked the kids what was there hi-light for the evening and they hands down all loved the corn maze.  They split in to two teams and we raced to the end finding all 10 flags with a little help from other mazers.  I just wanted to thank you and your family for making Jack and Greg's party such a special memory and a great success.
Thank you and God Bless!
Larisa Johnston

Mrs. Ferrell,

We had such a fun time on our Field Trip to your farm last week!  Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Thank you again,

Jennifer D.


Hey Beth,
Our 4 classes from Laurel Park had a GREAT time today!  I just wanted to say "thank you!"  You guys were very organized in telling us when to go where, and I truly appreciated that as a teacher!  Everyone was very nice and the weather was beautiful for a fall field trip.
Thank you again!


Laurel Park Elementary School

Wanted you to know our group had an awesome time at Green Acres last Friday. It was absolutely fantastic!  I am attaching some pictures you can use for whatever.  Our kids loved the hayride and got a kick out of the fact that we had to wait for the cows to get out of our path for the ride!  The bounce houses were a big hit, as well as the corn maze ( we loved taking off our shoes), the tractors, the swing set, the sand pit, and the sand spot.  You have a great thing going on and we will be back!  Thanks so much! You were very accommodating to our group and were so prompt in contacting me to reschedule!   Gretchen L.

My family came to a birthday party at Green Acres and had a wonderful time!  We didn't know what to expect but were impressed by all of the activities for the kids to enjoy.  They didn't want to leave and I didn't mind because I enjoyed my visit too! 

The cows were an extra bonus.  They gave us a good show as we passed them on the hay wagon!

Thank you for allowing others to enjoy your beautiful farm. (The funnel cake was DELICIOUS!)

Tara Jacobs
Fayetteville, NC

We came to Green Acres on Saturday and had a blast.  Your farm is really fun!

Satisfied Cary Resident

I attended your maze yesterday as a chaperone with my child's class.  What a wonderful place!  I was amazed at how clean everything was.  Most of these places aren't sanitary like Green Acres.  I appreciated the hand washing station and the bottles of hand sanitizer.  Thanks for thinking of your guests!

Everyone had a lot of fun! (Even in the heat.)  I was able to push my daughter's stroller though the maze with ease too.  Thank you!

We will be back soon and will be sure to tell all of our friends about your wonderful farm.


Dear Ferrells, we had a blast at your farm!  My family and I attended for the first time this year and now we know where we will come each year!  Our children squealed when they saw all of the tractors and dozers.  Where else could we have access to such things?  The play area was more than we could have asked for! Our family would have been satisfied without the maze BUT THE MAZE WAS INCREDIBLE!  (Thanks for suggesting we take water into the maze on such a hot September day.)  We are telling all of our friends about your beautiful place.  Thank you for opening your farm for us city folk!

Lucinda Guthrie
Cary, NC

We had my 5 year old's birthday party at Green Acres Corn Maze this morning.


They have 2 giant bounce houses, a face painter, hay bales to climb on, tractors to climb on, a fire truck with some really nice firefighters, a big barn to have the actual party in, a big sand pile, and the corn maze to run through! We were so busy having fun on all the other stuff that we ran out of time to do the hay ride!

The owners Beth and David are the absolute sweetest people ever, they were so accomodating.

This place is the best of all possible birthday worlds! Bounce house venue meets state fair!

All the kids had a great time and all the parents loved everything that Green Acres had to offer. I am telling everybody that this is the absolute best party place if your child has a fall birthday!

Darla Gallentine

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the corn maze this year! My daughter and I really enjoyed it and had a great evening last night! Looking forward to picking out our Christmas tree there again this year too! THANKS!!
Hi! We really enjoyed ourselves at Green Acres today! I heard about you from the WRAL Out&About section and today I took my 3 year old daughter and my husband. We loved the hayride, the land was so beautiful and the tractor was quiet compared to other "tractor rides" that are loud and smell like exhaust. My daughter loved the bounce house, playing in the sandbox, and climbing on the digger. We really enjoyed the face painting as well. The corn maze was great! We've never done one before but we loved it. Sabrett hotdogs are my husband and daughter's special treat when they go to Lowes together on the weekends so they were both excited about getting one today. And I was pleased to see the giant bottles of hand sanitizer! We really had a really nice time! :) For the past two years we've gone to another place in Youngsville and this was so much better. We wont go to that other place next year, we'll be coming back to Green Acres. In fact, I think we'll be coming back to Green Acres in a few weeks! Thank you for giving me a beautiful day with my family.

Dear Ferrell family -
Our family wants to thank you for opening your farm this fall and making it such a friendly, fun, affordable experience! We visited on Saturday afternoon with our kids (ages 4 1/2 and 1 1/2).  Thank you for including all the smaller mazes and activities for really young kids. We did make it through the large corn maze, too, and met some new friends along the way (being lost helps build bonds :-)
We have lived in Cary for 3 years.  We moved from the Boston area.  The town we lived in was quite rural and we miss the beautiful farmland and preserved open space.  Your farm is such a treasure and we hope we can be of help spreading the word...perhaps if folks visit your farm in the fall and winter, they will value it and help protect it. 
Thanks again for sharing your family's land with us.
And thank you for continuing to farm.
We appreciate your very hard work and dedication.
Sincerely -
Caroline and Shane Richardson
Hi Beth,
Hope all is well. I brought my camp from Kids Zone through the corn maze last Friday and we had an awesome time!
Julie D.

My husband and I came to the farm with our almost 4 yr. old granddaughter and had a blast. All of the things for us to do helped the time to fly by quickly and the thing that we loved the most was the feeling of family that was there the whole time and can't forget the hay ride! Ella loved the bouncing houses and the straw mountain for her to climb upon. Pat loved the maze. Me I loved watching everyone having a great time. Thanks so much for all the hard work and effort that went into doing this and still is going on.

Lois Cox

On Sunday October 11th I went to Green Acres Farm with my two children and some friends of ours. We were immediately greeted by friendly folks and they directed us as to where to go. We decided to take the hayride first. It was such a fun ride, the scenery was breathtaking on the farm and my children enjoyed seeing the old tractors on the farm. The corn maze was so much fun too. The man at the booth who gave us the directions and flag could not have been nicer! The amazing thing is that we made it through the maze finding all of the marks and all five of the children in our group came out together!!! We even received a free pass to come back to the farm this season because we found all of the markings in the corn maze! The sincere hospitality that was shown to us was amazing and I know that you don't get this just anywhere.

Green Acres Farm and Corn Maze is a great way to spend your Fall Afternoon or Evening. I will definitely be going back this year and look forward to making this an annual family event for my family!
~Catherine Sweeney
Apex, NC

When we arrived at the farm, I could hardly contain my two children.  They squealed with delight as they saw the big fire engine, barn and tractors.  Once out of the car, my son ran around not knowing which tractor to jump and play upon.  His sister took the lead and decided to go by color... we played for hours on the red tractor, then the yellow one, then the green one.  My daughter loved the maze made out of hay.  She ran in, out, around, up and down and figured out the maze.  My sister and her children joined us too.  They really enjoyed the corn maze! The jumparoo was a blast too.  It was just the perfect size for my kids, they all jumped.  Usually my youngest will not go in unless I am with him.  However, he loved it and was so fearless at the farm.  Lastly, we went for a ride on the hay wagon around the farm.  It was beautiful.  We saw the cows, some birds, a pond all of which my children pointed out and named.  As the sun was setting, we decided to take our tired children home.  They waved bye bye to the farm promising to come back and visit. soon.

Renuka Ware

Hi Beth and David-
Thank you so much for the perfect fall morning!  Green Acres in the fall is even better than Green Acres at Christmas!  (Who knew?)  Naomi had a ball milking the ‘cow’ and the taking the hayride.  Climbing through the haystacks and racing each other through the corn maze was such a great way to spend our Saturday.  We are still giggling about it all as we look at the pictures.  Also, your staff are all a-maze-ing!!! ;) 
We’ll be back soon!
Rebecca and Bruce Hill

Dear Ferrell family, We had such a great time at your farm this weekend.  Even though the weather was chilly, the family atmosphere made things seem much warmer (the coffee and hot chocolate were a great touch too!).   We have been to other corn mazes in this area but yours was by far the best.  The maze was clean, challenging, and the guy in the platform overhead really helped us out.   We WILL be back each year and look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Peterson family from Cary.

What a fun and inexpensive place to spend the day!  Our family had a great time on your farm.  We checked around and your maze was the most inexpensive.  Thank you for helping families have fun without blowing budgets out of the water!  The hand sanitizer was a welcomed sight too.  We are telling all of our friends about your farm!

Janae R.

Our teenage daugthers loved the Night Maze!!  This was a great weekend night activity we could do with our teens to have family time!  We split up into two teams and had fun finding all the stations.  The girls also enjoyed all the activities around the maze, and we topped it off with some icecream.  A great family experience for kids of all ages!

Jodi Tucker

Green Acres Farm,  I came out this week for our Mom's group field trip and all I can say is WOW.  Your farm far exceeded what I expected.  Everyone had such a great time.  The kids really enjoyed seeing the cows and riding the haywagon too.  Nobody wanted to leave and that was a great sign.   We will definitely be back!  Thank you for opening your farm for your community to enjoy!  
Dear Beth,

We celebrated our daughters 7th birthday at your corn maze today and I have to tell you it was amazing!  All the kids have a fantastic time and my daughter said it was the best birthday party ever! Thank you and all your staff for making it a special day!

Maria Scheel
I just wanted to let you guys know that my kids had a great time at your farm.  We debated about going to the State Fair and was sooooo glad that we visited your farm instead.  What a blast!
My kids and their friends would like to know if you are keeping track of the "fastest time" as far as completing your maze.  They finished it in 31.59 minutes.  They found all 10 stations.  This would be a great challenge in addition to your free ticket....a little competition will make it more exciting.  Just a thought.
Thank you again.
The DiFranco's

Hi Ms. Beth!!

The children and us big kids had a great time at your farm/maze yesterday!! Thank you for everything!!

Take care,  
Colleen Foster

Green Acres Farm, I thought last year's maze was great, but oh my gosh!  This year's maze was phenominal!  You did a great job on the setup for activities.  We will be back again soon.  Thanks again for a job well done.

Barbara Setzer
Middlesex, NC
September 6, 2010

We made our first trip to Green Acres Corn Maze today. What a great value for the experience your family gets! Lots of activities to do, from bouncie houses and mounds of sand, to climbing on tractors and going on a hayride. This is all BEFORE you even get to the corn maze, which, by the way, has nice wide paths that are stroller friendly. You should budget about 2 hours to enjoy everything, and be prepared for your kids to say "it's not time to go home!".

Amy Camp

I heard about your farm on the radio and remembered your web site.  I checked it out when I got home and liked what I saw.  I didn't expect to have the amount of fun that I did as an adult.  The cornhole game and strength game were great.  The maze was challenging yet fun.  Thanks for providing a clean environment for people to enjoy.


Our family of 4 came to the opening day at Green Acres Farm. We'd visited last year and had a great time, but you've set the bar pretty high this year! My three year old son really enjoyed climbing all over the tractors and the huge inflatables you added this year - especially the obstacle course! There was even lots for my one year old daughter to enjoy - the smaller inflatable and, of course, the huge sand mound! And we all enjoyed the hay ride and ice cream. Next visit - funnel cakes! :) Thanks for providing reasonably priced family fun!

Brandi Mendenhall

Stopped at the maze today with a friend, had a lot of fun!!! Only found 7 of the numbers hehe, gave up after like 1 hour 20 minutes, we weren't very good at it, thanks for making it possible, it's really a great place to have a lot of fun!

Duncan Blair