1132 Morrisville Carpenter Rd
Cary, NC 27519
(919) 481-2435

School Groups


PLEASE READ:  The Ferrell Family relocated.  We hope to reopen our corn maze 15 minutes from here in the future.  We really love our school groups and appreciate your support and kind words each year!

 Please remember us.  We will try to keep everyone posted as we plan ahead.



  • Monday - Friday
  • 9:30am through 3:00pm - by APPOINTMENT only.  We only open the maze for the TWO HOUR time slot assigned to your group and immediately close after the scheduled group leaves.  

School/Home Groups/Office parties during the week are by appointment only.  To make an appointment, please contact us at .   Please provide a phone number where you may be reached.  


 Important information about weekdays:


Green Acres Farm Corn Maze Guests: During the weekdays, we are closed to the public, but will open for school groups.  By appointment only.


School/Home School/Office Group Prices DURING THE WEEK:

  • $8 per person (including chaperones), however SCHOOL teachers are free  (this applies for public/private school teachers since they are attending out of obligation to their school and not necessarily by choice).   The "Free for 3 and under" rate does NOT apply for group rates during the week.  We do charge for any children who are old enough to walk  (ages 2 and 3 - $3) since we are opening for your group to enjoy the farm. Thank you for understanding.
  • Each group may spend 2 hours enjoying the farm and picnic areas.  We ask that you respect the time of the other groups invited to our farm by arriving and leaving at the time assigned to your group.  THANK YOU in advance.
  • PLEASE be sure to BRING WATER for the children during the week.  We do not have water fountains here.
  • Each CHILD coming with a school group during the week will receive a free pumpkin.  We cannot give each adult a free pumpkin too.  Sorry.
  • ATTENTION TEACHERS/EDUCATORS/GROUPS!   You may click on this link http://www.mazetrivia.com/viewmaze.php?id=77 to create a game tailored to the subjects you are discussing in your classroom.  You may create 10 questions with incorrect and correct answers.  After you have created the 10 questions, you will PRINT your own copies of the questionnaire for your class.   Please remember to bring your copies because we will not have a printer available on the farm. 
  • You cannot apply any additional coupons when using the group rate.  Nor can you use the season passes outside of the weekend hours when we are open to the public.